THE EDCUATED BUYER *** Please do not forget to scroll down so you can see our cost charts***

Most people when they call will ask generic questions like how many times do you breed your dog? How many litters do you have a year? BUT Those are not the big questions to ask your new breeder. Remember you're buying a pet and you want their breeding stock or aka (the puppy parents) to be treated and act like a good pet. So, these are the questions I would ask if I was buying a pet puppy.
Do you individually take your parent dogs to their own vet appointments once a year? Are they giving their annual shots at the vet clinic with your vet and examined once a year? Do you test your dog's once a year to make sure they do not have heartworm and are your dogs on flea preventative and heartworm preventative? Can you walk your dog out of house on the leash to meet me and my children without it jumping up? How often do you take these parent dogs off your property?
It's questions like these that really determine who's invested in who's not. A breeder who does not take their dogs off the property but has a vet come to give shots or worse gives their own shots means that the parents of your new puppy are not socialized and they are cutting cost and training at the parent dog expense. Lets face it. Dogs have to be trained to ride in a vehicle and walk into a vet clinic which is just basic pet stuff. Stuff you expect your pup to do. So, if your puppy's parents are not in themselves treated the same way as the puppy your adding to your family, how do you know the pup your brining home will be able to do these basic pet things. if you're planning on taking home a puppy and him/her being your new family member. Shouldnt the parents be treated the same way. How can you be assured that you are truly getting the dog of your dreams. Do your homework ask important questions. Health clearances and good pedigrees is a given. Ask the important stuff like can they turn their stud dog loose with your children. Because our answer would be yes. Yes, we can. Come meet our stud dogs or our females. (in between pups or at dog show so pups are protected of course SAFTY FOR PUPS FIRST) Because our dogs are pets first everything else second. Yes that means the puppies cost more but it also means that the parents are cared for and loved just like your new member of the family. 
sincerely, Suebel Labradors